CPR Volume 5 is now open for submissions!!!

Please be aware of the following:

Submission does not automatically guarantee inclusion. If we like your submission and feel that your recording is lacking fidelity, we may ask you to remix it. (We can provide you with some help in this area in you need it.)

Please do not send in songs where the vocals or instruments are off pitch. It is important to have both good vocal performances and instruments in tune on your songs.

If you are sending a song that has been previously released on CD, we will consider how long the CD has been out to determine if the song is current enough for inclusion. Age, however, is not an automatic disqualification. If you have been included on CPR before, then please don't submit anything from the same CD that your previous song was on.

We prefer newer material or material that is unreleased. Also exclusive releases (songs that won't appear anywhere else) are most welcome.

We prefer to limit instrumentals to one song on the CD. Try to submit vocal oriented material where possible.

If you wish to submit a cover song of a another artist let us know so that we can provide you with important details concerning royalty and publishing info.

Demo mixes are fine if you want our feedback but will not be considered for final inclusion on the CD. You can send early rough mixes of your song if you are still working on it; however final determination is subject to delivery of a finished mix. (Don't worry if your song is not mastered, we can do that. If you don't know what mastering is, then you probably need it.) A finished master of your song would be the preferred form of submission.

There is no fee to submit songs but if you submit a song please be aware the cost of being on CPR will fall somewhere between $375 and $399. The cost is determined by the number of artists participating. (We need at least 10 to keep the cost around this level) Don't let the prospect of the money prevent you from submitting a song as we won't ask for your commitment until we have reviewed all the material.

You will need to provide song lyrics and image(s) in .jpg or other standard image format. (Album covers are fine, band or artist's picture is good, or any other art work you feel represents you.) This is for the page in the CPR booklet that is in the CD. We would like at least a picture for every artist. (We can design your page from scratch too if you have nothing.) If you are using copyrighted artwork, you must own the artwork or have the permission to use it. (Include credits if need be.)

If you are included on the CD, you will be responsible for your own promotion. There are many ways to achieve this. Threshing Floor Records will handle sending out CDs for review. (Please do not send these out of your CDs as we set aside a quantity for this purpose.) If you know of a good review site then please send the link. (We know of the obvious ones.) We are also looking for publications in which to place an ad. One will likely be Progression magazine as it reaches one of our target audiences.

We will accept submissions until we have a finished line up for the disc. If there are enough artists we can consider a 2 disc set.

If your band wishes to submit a song or songs for the next cd, then please download and complete the CPR Submission Agreement.

Send a signed copy of the agreement along with your song(s) on CD-R to:

CPR Submissions
6017 Estes Ct
Arvada, CO 80004

Submissions received without the signed agreement will NOT be considered!

Once you've sent your materials, please email us and let us know it's on the way.

Audio CD is fine unless you are sending a file that is to be the final submission, then Data CD would be preferable. We can accept AIF, WAV and SDII. Please let us know if you have any questions!!

Randy George (Executive Producer)
Gene Crout (Technical Producer)