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CPR Volume 4

CPR Artists team up with Iona and Ken Westphal...

Randy George and Gene Grout have again joined forces with select Progressive Rock bands and artists to produce and release the CPR Volume 4 CD. The deluxe packaged set will be released May 10, 2011 and will be available on the Internet at the participating band's websites. These artists have joined together in a continuing mission to promote their unique style of music, Progressive Rock.

CPR is an acronym for Christian Progressive Rock. Conceived by a core group of the artists themselves, CPR Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of Progressive Rock compilations from Christian artists. This release presents more members of the tightly knit group including Visual Cliff, Eric Parker, Gene Crout, Farpoint, Pursuit, Kinetic Element, KDB3, and Supernal Endgame. Exciting additions to this release include music by the bands Syzygy and Iona.

The CPR 4 release moves into a new realm with the integrated artwork of Ken Westphal. The stone penguin theme is designed to provoke questions that demand the right answers. Westphal recalls that he was first struck with the idea back in the 1980's. "I was designing a promotional poster for a local printer and hit upon the theme of stone penguins in the desert," recalls Westphal. "I had played with that concept over the years and when asked to do the CPR 4 cover, I presented the idea." There was initial skepticism among the producers over the image, but after some discussion, they embraced it. "Since sharing this image on the web, I've had people describe the spiritual content I'd intended to convey."

Co-producer Gene Crout of Righteous Sinner Records carried the project to completion in his Denver based mastering facility. "It's God's design," Crout says "and there are a lot of brilliant minds in this group." As the music came together, Crout noted that although the overall theme was quite positive, the mix of songs was heavier and darker than previous releases. "As I heard all the songs together, I felt that dark times call for dark music." Crout found that the overall level of production from all the bands was superb. "We have again raised the bar for quality production in this new release," concludes Crout.

The purpose of the CD set is two-fold: to expand knowledge of Progressive Rock into the Christian community and to increase Christian themes into the Prog Rock community. Many people who grew up in the mainstream of Prog Rock music during the 70's still have a desire for music that reflects an age when musicians were about music, and creativity was colorful and abundant. There is also a growing desire for music with spiritual integrity that conveys a positive message. Each contributing project has a significant Christian influence and strives to move beyond existing standard musical forms. The result is CPR Volume 4. You will experience the songs of many talented musicians in this collection; and it is sure to bring enjoyment to the listener on many levels. If you take pleasure in the music of a particular band or individual, we would encourage you to support them by visiting their website to learn more about these talented folks.

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Track List &
song clips

Visual Cliff

Eric Parker
Thy Life

Gene Crout/America Gomorrah
Pax Americana

Let Your Glory Fall
[CPR mix]

Calling Out


Kinetic Element
See The Children

Doug Bowers
Crisis of Faith

Supernal Endgame
Still Believe


Produced and Released by:

Threshing Floor Records
Righteous Sinner Records

Cover artwork by:
Ken Westphal