An update from Randy George, February 27 2007:

Sola Scriptura is the new CD release from Neal Morse.  Neal Morse has created an epic masterpiece in Sola Scriptura.  Another concept album that speculates on what protestant reformer Martin Luther might have thought during the time he nailed his thesis to the church door at Whitenburg.  I remember Neal telling me early on that this would be a controversial album and he wasn't sure he should do it.  But after some deliberation he decided to move forward with the project.  Again featuring bandmates Mike Portnoy on Drums and myself (Randy George) on Bass, the album boasts a few guest solos by Paul Gilbert!  The songs are broken up into four parts, Track one titled "The Door", clocks in at a little over 29 minutes.  The second Track is called "The Conflict" and is perhaps my favorite.  The tail end movement of this piece which runs 25 plus minutes, features a vocal bit sung by Ajalon's Wil Henderson.  He can also be heard on the songs "This is All I Ask For" and "God Will Make A Way".  Wil is doing the high harmony.  Next we have a simple 5 minute ballad called "Heaven in My heart".  A nice breather from the thunderous sounds on the album thus far.  Track 4 called "The Conclusion" also features a small bit at the beginning that I composed.  Neal thought it would be funny to call it Randy's Jam so he did.  I was thinking along the lines of Return To Forever although it has been compared to ELP.  It turned out to be a little more wild than anticipated but serves as a nice intro to the 16 minute track.  Sola Scriptura is an adventurous piece of music and is much heavier than Neal's previous solo CD's.  Neal Morse fans will find a similar formula at work in this CD as is his tradmark.  Sola is hard hitting and very pointed so be prepared.  This isn't something you would want to play for Grandma and expect her to smile. 

I have been busy recording a song called "Nickels and Dimes, Marbles and Stones" with lyrics written by a Detroit woman.  It tells of a homeless man in winter.  This was a work for hire meaning she approached me to write the music and I had Ajalon record it.  This song was used for the Detroit Rescue Mission in their yearly fundraising banquet/service.  This song can be heard on my MySpace page.  Snippets from my new solo project can also be heard there.  Some new demos from Ajalon and the like can also be heard on Dan Lile's (Ajalon drummer) MySpace