Where to order the CPR Compilations:

We do our best to keep this page updated with links to actual storefronts where you can purchase the CPR cds.
If we have omitted a site, please let us know.

CPR cds are currently being sold from the sites listed below.

CPR Volume 1
CPR volume 1
order from:
CPR Volume 2
CPR volume 2
order from:
Glass Hammer
Simon Apple
Soulful Terrain
Righteous Sinner Records
CPR Volume 3
CPR volume 3
order from:
Everlasting Arms
Mike Florio
Mike Lockett
Righteous Sinner Records
Jam Records
CPR Volume 4
CPR volume 4
order from:
Gene Crout
Eric Parker
Visual Cliff
Threshing Floor Records
Righteous Sinner Records
Radiant Records